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Elite Attachments designs and constructs quick hitches and other excavator attachments in Australia, using quality components and a tough fabricated body that allows for superior performance.

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Elite TwinLOCK Quick Hitch

Choose the hitch that’s top of the range for reliability and safety. 

With minimal components and a tough fabricated body, TwinLOCK hitches undergo less wear on vital components. This allows for superior performance over a longer period of time. 

Our patented, automatic double-locking system allows attachments to be easily and safely switched, all from the comfort of the operator’s cabin. 

Combined with the long-stroke cylinder, this hitch is cleverly designed to pick up a wide range of pin centres.


Elite RotaLOCK Tilt Hitch

Impressively simple and effective. 

Elite Attachments’ patented TwinLOCK design is combined with a rotary actuator to allow up to 90° of rotation on either side, for unprecedented control and flexibility in otherwise inaccessible worksites. 

The Elite RotaLOCK tilting quick hitch is the ideal choice for operators who want a dependable and flexible hitch that still allows attachments to be easily and safely switched, all from the comfort of the operator’s cabin.


Hydraulic Hosing Kits

Elite hydraulic hosing kits can be supplied with many of our Elite quick hitches. 

Each kit is developed specifically to suit each machine model, to reduce excess hosing for increased longevity and efficiency. 

Painted tubing and protective wrapping on hoses give the same quality and appearance of OEM-fitted piping.

Your kit includes all parts required and is complete with a comprehensive installation manual, allowing the hitch to be installed on-site or in the factory.


Elite Hybrid Hitches

The most flexible hybrid hitches on the market. 

Elite Attachments employs expert engineers and has an in-house fabrication workshop, which means we can customise hitches to suit various specs as required. 

This allows new machines to still be able to function with existing buckets that may have been suited to a different model. 

Our team will work with you to determine what specs are required and build the hitch that’s fit for purpose in just 2-3 weeks.



    Australia’s Leading Supplier of Quick Hitches for Excavators

    Want high-quality, durable excavator quick hitches that are made to withstand the harsh outdoor environments in Australia & New Zealand?

    Elite Attachments Australia designs quick hitches in-house and manufactures to the highest standards. 

    We use thicker steel for the hitch body than many of our competitors and test every single hitch that goes out the door, so you know you’re buying a product that’s made to last.

    Reliability, Durability & Outstanding Performance

    We are an Australian-owned and operated company with over 70 employees working to fabricate, produce and assemble high-quality quick hitch attachments for excavators.

    When you choose our products, you’re getting a top-tier Aussie product that’s simple, strong & safe, and supporting the only quick hitch supplier to receive Made in Australia recognition.