Elite Hydraulic Plumbing Kits

Strong Safe Reliable

Elite hydraulic hosing kits can be supplied with many of our Elite standard and tilting quick hitches. Each kit is developed specifically to suit each machine model to reduce excess hosing and avoid inferior plumbing solutions. Painted tubing and protective wrapping on hoses gives the same quality and appearance of OEM fitted piping. The kit includes all parts required and is complete with a comprehensive installation manual, allowing the hitch to be installed on site or in the factory. A pre-designed and manufactured kit makes fitting efficient and time-effective, and results in a hosing solution that is tidy and easily serviceable.

Save money and time in the fitment, reduce the likelihood of issues by the workmanship and design, and in the event of any issues, know that we can appropriately support the product.




    Full sets of hosing to hook up to your machine.

    Wiring Harness

    All electricals to connect controls to the operators cabin.


    OEM standard tubing coloured to match the arm of the machine.

    Solenoid Valve

    Control switch built into the machine.

    Fittings & Parts

    All the extra parts needed to install the kit.

    Installation Manual

    Full, detailed instruction manual so anyone can install an Elite hitch to their machine.

    Benefits & Features