Elite TwinLOCK Quick Hitch

Strong Safe Reliable

The Elite TwinLOCK hitch is the top of the range for reliability and safety. With minimal components and a tough fabricated body, TwinLOCK hitches undergo less wear on vital components to allow for superior performance over a longer period of time. Our patented, automatic double-locking system allows attachments to be easily and safely switched, all from the comfort of the operator’s cabin. Combined with the heavy-duty, long-travel cylinder, the hitch picks up the largest range of centres in the market, allowing the operator a flexible attachment options and versatility in the field.

  • Twin Locking Hitch – Independent locking on the front and rear attachment pins
  • Fully Automatic – No Manual Safety Pin required
  • Simple construction with 3 Main Parts – Body, Slide & Cylinder
  • OEM Coloured to match Machine Colour


    2 - Stage

    Simple, two step process for pick up and drop off - involving operator in safety process.

    Lifting Eye

    Heavy duty central lifting eye.


    3 year / 3,000 hour warranty.


    Largest pin centre pick up range due to our simple, long-travel cylinders.

    Tighter Fitment

    Each quick hitch is specifically designed to match up to the machine linkage, ensuring for a tighter, better fit and improved longevity for the attachment.

    Hybrid Hitches

    Modified or custom hitches are available, built to your specific requirements.

    No Maintenance

    No grease points on hitch.

    Benefits & Features