Elite RotaLOCK Tilt Hitch

Strong Safe Reliable

The Elite RotaLOCK tilt hitch (also referred to as the Elite TwinLOCK tilt hitch), combines the functionality of the Elite TwinLOCK hitch design with an Australian manufactured helical actuator, resulting in a versatile, robust, and reliable solution for operators requiring the use of the a tilting hitch. An absolute game-changer.

As the first hitch to receive the Australian Made label, the Elite RotaLOCK delivers high-build quality and attention to detail, ensuring strength and reliability are not compromised, and the advantages of the tilt hitch can be truly utilised.



    2 - Stage

    Simple, two step process for pick up and drop off - involving operator in safety process.

    Lifting Eye

    Heavy duty, central lifting eye.

    Tilting Actuator

    Enable up to 90° of tilt each side.


    3 year / 3,000 hour warranty on the quick hitch body.
    1 year / 1,500 hour warranty on the tilt actuator.


    Largest pin centre pick up range due to our simple, long travel cylinders.

    Tighter Fitment

    Each quick hitch is specifically designed to match up to the machine linkage, ensuring a tighter, better fit and improved longevity for the attachment.

    Hybrid Hitches

    Modified or custom hitches are available, built to your specific requirements.

    Benefits & Features